Our Core Values

Our core values guide everything we do. To put it simply, our answer is EVERY.

The word “every” is the core of our values and central to our ministry DNA.

Prayer and intercession are essential to ministering the gospel.
(1 Timothy 2:1–4)

Every follower of Jesus is invited into Christ’s mission.
(John 20:21)

Reaching people where they live, work, and gather is the most effective strategy to ensure no one is left behind.
(Acts 5:42)

We share the gospel in whatever way is necessary for people to experience the truth and love of Jesus.
(1 Corinthians 9:20–23)

God’s love expressed through the gospel is intended to reach everyone, everywhere.
(Mathew 24:14)

Every Prayer

The task of sharing the gospel with everyone on earth can feel overwhelming. It is something we cannot do by our own strength. We cannot rely on our own plans or systems.

This is why we always turn to God and seek his help. The barriers are real, the dangers are palpable, and the challenges are countless. Yet, none of this is news to God. Over and over, we turn to him and see the miraculous ways he removes obstacles and provides the answers and resources we need most.

“The degree to which prayer is mobilized is the
degree to which the world will be evangelized.”

— Dick Eastman

Every Believer

We believe that following and obeying Jesus means that Christians should actively participate in sharing the gospel.

Our conviction is that there is no more worthwhile investment for a Christian than helping others know God. This is the mission of the Church, and every one of us is called to step out into the world to share the gospel.

It will take unity from churches in every country and Christians in every corner of the earth to accomplish this mission. Our goal is to show that sharing the gospel is something every believer and every church can rally around. This is something that we will accomplish
together with a unified front.

Every Place

Going into all of the world means we must share the truth and love of Jesus everywhere. Take one look at the New Testament, and you see life-altering conversations happening everywhere. These moments happened with families in homes, with beggars in courtyards, and with tax collectors in marketplaces.

Today, spiritual conversations happen in homes, workplaces, events, streets, and even online. People can encounter Jesus anywhere. We meet people where they are, and many times, that starts at home.

Of course, we know thought-provoking spiritual conversations aren’t limited to front porches and living rooms. We train believers to understand that the love of God can be shared in any place. We can share the gospel at a mailbox in the suburbs, at a rural village well, or in a cubicle in a skyscraper.

The mandate Jesus gave us to go into the world is just as important today as it was when it was first spoken. We cannot wait for others to come to us. We must travel far and wide to every place and take the love of Jesus across the world.

Every Method

Ask a million Christians how they came to know Jesus, and you’ll hear a million different stories. Some will tell you they discovered God by reading a book, others will tell you of a stranger who knocked on their door, and still others will share a story about a large event or a church service.

A global mission requires that we recognize the unique needs of every country, context, nand circumstance.

Methods of sharing the gospel have changed over time, and the global Body of Christ has adapted to these changes — from the printing press to the internet, from horses to airplanes. The opportunity to reach farther, wider, and faster has been presented to the generation of believers on the earth today. We must utilize every method to reach everyone, everywhere.

Likewise, we are engaged in many methods of sharing the gospel, and we will continue to innovate. Home-to-home outreach is our foundation, but we support and develop every method it takes to share Jesus with the entire world.

Every Person

The gospel is for everyone.

It’s for all of us.

Every person is made in the image of God and invited into relationship with him. This open invitation is what makes the kingdom of God so incredible. In a world so divided, God’s love brings dignity, value, and hope to every single person, no matter who they are or what they’ve done. A relationship with the Creator is something everyone can experience.

God hears every prayer.

Every believer is invited to take part in the great commission.

Every place on earth needs to be reached with the gospel. 

We will use every method to share the truth and love of Jesus.

We want to ensure that every person has an opportunity to know their Creator.

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